Collar Stays: One of the most important tools for success!

Ask several people what is essential for dressing for success and you will get all sorts of answers.

Shoes may be one answer. A nice shirt or suit may be another.

However, one of the most important tools in one’s dress for success arsenal is one that is hidden but can clearly be seen and will make a huge difference in one’s look:

The Humble Collar Stay.

What is a Collar Stay?

A collar stay is rigid strip of plastic or metal, often shaped like an arrow point, that goes into a dress shirt collar in order to give it shape and keep it looking crisp.

How do you use a Collar Stay?

Shirt and Collar Stay Provided by J. Hilburn Stylist Ron Rapatalo

Using Collar Stays is incredibly simple.  You just slip them into the collar of a dress shirt. Most dress shirts have special pockets in them for collar stays.  Many people like to take them out before washing a shirt, especially metal ones.  Often, a shirt will come with a plastic collar stay in the shirt. However, they sometimes bend, warp, or sometimes just stop making the collar look crisp and have to be replaced.

Do you take out Collar Stays?

It is a good idea to remove collar stays before you wash a shirt.  They can be somewhat destructive in wash and the dryer.  They have been known to warp due to heat, and also, sometimes they are bent and pushed in odd ways in the wash and dry cycle which leads them to puncture a collar and wreck a shirt.

Plastic vs. Metal Collar Stays.

Collar stays can range in price. A recent search of Amazon resulted in finding these 200 plastic collar stays for less than $7:

Some may not like plastic collar stays.  They are prone to bending and warping. There are people who swear by metal collar stays.  They are arguably more durable, last longer and you may not as a result need so many pairs of them.  This box of 50 metal collar stays in different sizes were less than $9 on Amazon:


The Verdict on Collar Stays:

The point is, collar stays, whether metal or plastic are a great investment in your look.  They are probably one of the most important accessories that you can use to look professional.


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